Fiat operations

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Fiat operations

Wij provide access to the handelsbank accounts only for institutional investors and major market makers. High standards of financial security make us very watchful to our solutions. Because of this, wij have strong requests for candidates.

To add a fresh canap account, please voeling HitBTC Compliance team at and provide them with the information on your bankgebouw account and a bankgebouw account ownership proof.

Please include the following:

  • Handelsbank name
  • SWIFT/BIC code
  • IBAN/account number

Please choose one of the following spil your supporting document:

  • Canap account statement
  • Original letterteken from the bankgebouw

HitBTC only accepts transfers from the handelsbank accounts linked to your HitBTC account.

All the funds sent to your account from third parties will be credited back, and the transactions will incur processing fees.

A fiat withdrawal can be cancelled while the transaction still shows ter your account spil “pending”. To cancel the withdrawal, please voeling the HitBTC Support team.

A fiat deposit can be cancelled if it has not yet bot credited to your HitBTC account. To cancel the deposit, please voeling the HitBTC Support team.The money will be charged back, and the payment will incur the processing fees.

Please note that the listed fees only voorkant the charges on our end. Other fees may be charged by your handelsbank. Also, sometimes a canap transfer is done via an intermediary bankgebouw and the intermediary bankgebouw may charge an reserve toverfee.

Wij are not responsible for any fees charged by your handelsbank or by an intermediary canap. It’s also possible for the intermediary canap to switch the transfer status from SEPA to wire and te such a case, you will be charged on our end for the wire toverfee.

Ter accordance with the internal rules and requirement of HitBTC and taking into account the Rules of International Payment Systems and Handelsbank transfer timeline will be spil goes after:

Fund — up to 14 Banking Days

Withdrawal — up to 20 Banking Days

Two,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) a day

Ten,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) vanaf 1 week

Thresholds can be individually raised up to Ten,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) a day

50,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) vanaf 1 week.

Ten,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) a day

50,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) vanaf 1 week

Boundaries can be individually raised.

The deposit will be split ter parts and credited to your account within several days, according to your current boundaries.

For example, your status is Verified and your weekly EUR transfer limit is Two,000.00 EUR. You make a deposit of Five,000.00 EUR te one transaction. This means, your HitBTC account will be credited with Two,000 EUR on the day the funds reach HitBTC, Two,000.00 EUR will be credited next week and 1,000.00 EUR te two weeks time.

Ter case you do not want your deposit to be processed spil described above, you can voeling the HitBTC Support team and ask them to cancel the payment and come back the funds to your bankgebouw account.

HitBTC is subject to financial regulation and fully obeys with all the rules it is subject to. All users voorwaarde therefore go after certain rules.

You can get acquainted with HitBTC AML Policy here.

You can use numerous canap accounts associated with your HitBTC account, however please note that all your handelsbank accounts should be approved by HitBTC Compliance dpt.

To add a fresh account, please voeling the compliance manager at

Your account is subject to certain thresholds that can only be enlargened by upgrading your verification status. Please see the “Account verification” pagina for more information.

Under special circumstances you may be exempt from stringent linkage of handelsbank account, used for the very first operation. To obtain such an exemption you will have to voeling our customer service and explain why you need such a waiver. Your request will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated to you within 7 business days.

Deposit/withdrawal boundaries are rigorous according to section “Verification levels” and no individual or business will be exempt under any circumstances.


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