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This repository provides scripts to set up a cloud-scheduled task to buying €X worth of Bitcoin. This leverages the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) effect.

This does not constitute any investment advice, neither voiced strafgevangenis implied.

Trading cryptocurrencies may or may not lead to a total loss, you act on your own risk.

The license contains further disclaimers, including but not limited to “Disclaimer of Warranty”, “Limitation of Liability”, “Accepting Warranty or Extra Liability”.

The script creates a scheduled task which buys certain value te Euros worth of Bitcoin every day. For example, you can use it to set up buying €5 worth of Bitcoin every day.

Scheduled task is created using AWS and runs te the cloud, it will run independent of whether users machine is online or not.

  • npm and zip installed locally.
  • AWS account.
  • AWS command-line utilities ( aws ) installed locally.
  • Bitstamp account.
  • Enabled Bitstamp API access (you’ll need customer id, API key and secret).

Clone this repository:

Review the code. I mean it. You are about to give this code access to your Bitstamp account.

Assume I am a malicious actor and wrote this code to steal from you or waste your money for joy or profit. (I did not, but assume so.) Check the code, make sure you understand what it does.

  • <,customerId>, – Bitstamp customer id
  • <,key>, – Bitstamp API key
  • <,secret>, – Bitstamp API secret
  • <,value>, – Value te Euros

Essentially, the script creates an AWS lambda function which is triggered by a CRON-scheduled CloudWatch event to run every day. Bitstamp account properties (customer id, API key and secret) are passed to the lambda function spil environment variables. To protect this sensitive information, customer id, API key and secret are encrypted using AWS KMS and passed ter encrypted form. They are not stored or logged te clear-text form anywhere.

To be specific, the does the following:

  • Generates a random id which will be used te names of created object zometeen on to make those names unique.
  • Performs npm install and packages the lambda function ter a ZIP opstopping.
  • Creates an AWS IAM role for the lambda function, fastens the AWSLambdaBasicExecuteRole policy to that role.
  • Creates an AWS KMS encryption key (and an zogenoemde for it), adds a policy to permit the lambda function role to use it for decryption.
  • Encrypts Bitstamp customer id, API key and secret using the created AWS KMS encryption key.
  • Creates an AWS Lambda function, passing value to buy, encrypted customer id, key and secret spil envrionment variables.
  • Creates a CloudWatch rule to trigger the lambda function every day at 12:00

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