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SEPA or “Single Euro Payments Area” is a wire transfer designed for people that want to transfer money to banks that are located ter Europe. This means that when your country is not available for SWIFT transfers, you use SEPA spil this is focused ter the EU region. When it comes to Bitcoin exchange, this means that not all websites would accept SEPA transfers from your EU bankgebouw account spil they need to have a canap that would permit you to make that transfer possible.

Websites that support SEPA exchange for Bitcoin

Thesis are the websites that support SEPA trades. Spil you might have noticed wij have two big EU names ter the list, that would be Losbreken and Bistamp. Thesis are websites that are widely used by the EU Bitcoin audience due to their support of SEPA transactions. Aside from thesis exchanges, wij have our trading platforms that support SEPA spil well.

Convenience through SEPA accepting websites

One of the reasons why people would look for websites that accept SEPA trades would be the fact that they are living ter Europe. Did you know that not all exchange websites accept SEPA transfers when it comes to purchasing Bitcoins? If you’re from Europe and you want to purchase Bitcoin, then knowing where to go would be of fine help! Below is information regarding SEPA trades inbetween Losbreken and Bitsamp.

Bitstamp SEPA fees

  • Deposits through SEPA transactions are free of charge
  • Withdrawal through SEPA is charged a motionless rate of €0.90 toverfee once the funds are converted to EUR
  • Ondergrens amount for a SEPA withdrawal is $Ten.00 or omschrijving
  • SEPA transfers take 2-3 business days until it is credited to your Bitstamp account

Losbreken SEPA fees

  • SEPA deposits are free
  • SEPA deposits takes 1-5 business days to reflect into your Openbreken account
  • SEPA withdrawal toverfee is only €0.09
  • Pro-EU traders
  • Respectable/trusted exchanges where you can use SEPA transfers
  • High Fees
  • Trade with sellers using SEPA


Looking for SEPA capable websites before you attempt and purchase Bitcoin would be the best thing to do. There’s nothing like finding a webstek where you can purchase Bitcoins with ease and without thinking about the transaction itself. The beauty about looking for the best webstek for your transaction is that you can sleep at night knowing that after a duo of days, your balance would show up on your wallet.

SEPA transactions are of course focused ter the EU region and would benefit them the most when it comes to buying Bitcoin through their banks. There is an interesting postbode regarding a duo of SEPA deposits which you can find here.

Quick peak: Always separate your savings account from your Bitcoin active account. This is not specific to SEPA transactions but to different transactions that include your handelsbank. Having a separate account would save you from having to overeenkomst with frozen accounts and whatnot when a transaction goes south.

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