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Below are instructions how to get embarked with Do you like to know how it works, check the information ter “How does it work?”

Step 1

Step Two

Step Trio

Step Four

Step 1: Register at bitstamp.nipt

To get commenced you need to create a free account on the Bitcoin exchange: https://www.bitstamp .nipt/

Step Two: Create an API key

– Login at Bitstamp te your account

– Go to the left spijskaart ->, security ->, API access

– Click on “New API key” ->, You should then see the following screen:

– Do not pack te the filterzakje fields

– Pack te your Two-factor (2FA) authentication code (from Google authenticator or Authy)

– Choose the associated account (only when you have created sub-accounts)

Press the button “Generate Key”. Now your API-KEY and SECRET will be shown on the screen. Make a copy of your API-KEY and SECRET and paste them te a text editor (like Notepad). The SECRET will be shown only once and cannot be shown again straks.

Click on the “Activate” API key button. You will receive an email from bitstamp with a confirmation listig. Click on this verbinding to activate your key.

Step Trio: Transfer money to your bitstamp account

International Wire Transfer
  • Login te your bitstamp account
  • Click on “Deposit” at the top of the pagina
  • Click “International Bank”, you will now see the screen below
  • Pack ter all the required fields and make sure that “U.S. dollar” is selected spil account balance.
  • Click on deposit, you will now see the screen below
  • Use the information above to make an international wire transfer.
  • Make sure that you include the “Message Number” ter the description

It takes Two – Five business days to credit your account. After you have received USD ter your bitstamp account you can proceed with step Four: Registration at

EU bankgebouw (SEPA) transfer
Credit Card
Deposit with Bitcoin

Here are some tips where to buy bitcoins online. You can store thesis Bitcoins on your Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone. Wij would recommend the free Copay Bitcoin Wallet for iOS and the Mycelium wallet for Android. For larger amounts of Bitcoin wij advice to use a more secure hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S.

Transfer Bitcoins to bitstamp and convert them to USD

30 zoogmoeder) before you see the USD te your account. If everything went OK, your Bitcoins should have bot converted directly to USD (see top of the screen)

Significant: Check if your Bitcoins are converted to USD

If there are still some BTC te your account you need to convert them to USD. This is how you can do that:

Choose the right market BTC/USD ter the top left corner of your screen. Go to Buy / Sell ->, click on Sell BTC to sell all your BTC into USD.

Normally this should take only a few moments. On the top of your screen you can see the balance. If everything went successfull BTC should be 0 and the total amount should be te USD.

Step Four: Registration at

Go to the registration form and pack te the required fields.

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