Bitstamp proof of residence ‹ Bitcoin trade

Bitstamp proof of residence ‹ Bitcoin wallet / Bitcoin trade

What does the process involve?

Very first, wij ask you to provide one chunk of government issued photographic identification, which is usually either:

A driver’s license, A passport, or, A military identification card (remarkably, wij have a large number of customers ter the armed compels of various countries.) Wij then ask you provide some form of proof of residence document, which is an official document issued within the last three months bearing both your name and utter street address. For demonstrable reasons, wij cannot accept addresses with PO Boxes. Usually, wij receive one of the following:

A utility bill, An internet bill, A cell phone or mobile phone bill, A tax comeback, A residency certificate issued by your local government, A voting registration form, or, A medical insurance bill Whilst many of our users submit handelsbank statements spil their proof of residence, wij unluckily cannot accept handelsbank statements from our customers. This is because it is relatively effortless for fraudsters to open an account at a less reputable banking service which does not check the accuracy of a person’s stated address. It is then possible to use this bankgebouw’s statement spil a seed to open accounts at increasingly trustworthy establishments without everzwijn having provided proof of residence ter the very first place.

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