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– What is your largest challenge presently and how are you programma to solve it?

I would say that there is not a single largest problem but what is always ongoing is finding the right balance inbetween frictionless innovation and conservative regulation.- How is the Bitstamp debit card doing? Any insights to share?

Converting bitcoin to fiat before the point of sell or at the point of sale does not help adoption. I always have and will promote payment te bitcoin end-to-end. No conversion. All the deviations make bitcoin lighter to use but not solve the fundamental problem. I agree with transacting bitcoin overheen legacy spoorlijn (credit/debit cards) if it helps with the adoption but not adapting bitcoin to gezond legacy spoorlijn through conversion.

– How big is your developer community, any insights to share? Did you encounter interesting/unusual solutions?

Puny compared to what big FinTech giants have. Wij are expanding and always on a lookout for a talent.

It is intriguing. Quicker settlement inbetween financial institutions and enhanced velocity of funds makes markets more efficient. Anything that helps make market more efficient wij support.

– What would a “Bitstamp Sidechain” mean for you?

Not sure what you meant by that. Are you asking how would sidechain look like if Bitstamp would have a sidechain?

– What is your view on private/permissioned Blockchains?

I understand why banks and other financial institution like blockchain and want to one for themselves. It is mainly a privacy concern. Among other benefits like optimizing the cost and tamper proof, the one that stands out to mij out is the capability of an instant audit. I wasgoed recently at an event where director of EU branch of big auditing rigid said they are strenuously investing their time to understand power of blockchain. They well understand that auditing firms might be facing disruption spil well and might soon no longer be people going through tons of paper but eventually only be algorithms on the private blockchain which will enable real time auditing.

– Do you think your handelsbank fucking partners are now convenient with Bitstamp? What did Bitstamp do reach this level?

Banking vrouwen were never the problem. Bitstamp has strong compliance programs ter place and wij developed good risk assessment models. It is the intermediary banks who waterput pressure on our banking playmates and sometimes even deny to process payments. This causes chain of events that can harm the banking relationship.

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