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Bitstamp proof of residence ‹ Bitcoin trade

Bitstamp proof of residence ‹ Bitcoin wallet / Bitcoin trade

What does the process involve?

Very first, wij ask you to provide one chunk of government issued photographic identification, which is usually either:

A driver’s license, A passport, or, A military identification card (remarkably, wij have a large number of customers ter the armed compels of various countries.) Wij then ask you provide some form of proof of residence document, which is an official document issued within the last three months bearing both your name and utter street address. Read more

Best Websites to purchase Bitcoin by using SEPA transfer – Best Bitcoin Exchange 2017 – Best Bitcoin Exchange Reviews

SEPA or “Single Euro Payments Area” is a wire transfer designed for people that want to transfer money to banks that are located ter Europe. This means that when your country is not available for SWIFT transfers, you use SEPA spil this is focused ter the EU region. When it comes to Bitcoin exchange, this means that not all websites would accept SEPA transfers from your EU bankgebouw account spil they need to have a canap that would permit you to make that transfer possible. Read more

Limit Order Book Visualisation

Visualising High Frequency Trading te Bitcoin

Sat Nov 22 02:26:07 UTC 2014



Some time ago, I had a look at the seasonality of traded volume on Bitcoin exchanges, up until December 2013. My objective wasgoed to determine approximate trading sessions for Three popular exchanges. I found that the intra-day volume followed a zuigeling of sinusoidal pattern, which I attributed spil the tell tale sign of the presence of humans on the exchanges. Read more

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