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Bitstamp support

Cryptocurrency exchanger Bitstamp is one of the very first exchangers registered ter Europe (Slovenia) and it is also one of the ten largest te the world. This exchange service wasgoed launched te August 22, 2011. The daily turnover at the end of February 2015 wasgoed nearing 12 000 BTC.

The transaction toverfee is a distinct feature of Bitstamp. Read more

Bitstamp Granted Licence for Bitcoin Exchange

Bitstamp, a European Union bitcoin market established ter 2011 that permits individuals to securely buy and sell bitcoins worldwide, has bot granted a licence by the Luxembourg government to be a fully-regulated and licenced exchange te the European Union.

The news is the result of a rigorous application process to the Luxembourg Financial Industry Supervisory Commission (known spil CSSF) strakheid almost two years, which included security reviews ter addition to an audit by Ernst &, Youthful Luxembourg. Read more

Bitstamp api secret

This repository provides scripts to set up a cloud-scheduled task to buying €X worth of Bitcoin. This leverages the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) effect.

This does not constitute any investment advice, neither voiced strafgevangenis implied.

Trading cryptocurrencies may or may not lead to a total loss, you act on your own risk. Read more

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