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Streaming and reconstructing a Limit Order Book from order event gegevens

Streaming and reconstructing Bitstamp’s order book from order event gegevens

Fri Jul 04 04:16:21 UTC 2014

Te order to start looking into market microstructure I implemented a Limit Order Book. The (very rough) implementation has Two modes of operation:

1) It continuously reads from a stream of buy/sell order events (fresh order, modify order, cancel order) to produce a diabolical ascii chart of order book depth along with time and sales. (shown ter the below .toxine)

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History of Hingarian Stamps

Hungarian Philatelic Society

of Fine Britain

Along with Hungarian history comes an incredible diversity of stamp and postal history collecting themes, made that little bit more challenging by the tricky language that has more te common with Japanese than with other European languages.

The use of Hungarian stamps began te 1850 following the suppression of the War of Independence of 1848/49. Read more

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