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Bitcoin News te Review: Bitstamp Breach, GAW Schouwspel, Bitcoin Price, and More

Blessed Sunday, and welcome back to another Bitcoin News te Review, where wij feature some of the top stories of the week here on CryptoCoins News. This week, Bitstamp wasgoed hacked, resulting ter the loss of almost Nineteen,000 bitcoins, Josh Garza of GAW Miners and PayCoin challenged the Litecoin Association director to a public debate, the bitcoin price continued to fall, and more. Read more

XTB vs

Trading Accounts

Bitstamp is one of the few crypto currency exchanges which accepts deposits directly from traditional payment methods. Te essence this service can be used to obtain Bitcoin (via a bankgebouw transfer or credit card) which you are then free to send.

The company, security of funds

Bitstamp Ltd. Read more

Bitstamp XRP price ‹ Bitcoin trade

Ter the world of altcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, and even Monero have all had some moments te the zon. However, the one that may end up being the most successful of them all is Ripple (XRP), and they have joined Bitstamp’s digital currency exchange this week.

XRP Trading Comes at Bitstamp

Beginning on Wednesday, Bitstamp users can create Ripple’s XRP deposits and withdrawals, with full-service trading to start on Tuesday, January 17th. Read more

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