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This ultra-cute little PS4 controller is a superb option for children and the small-handed

If you like playing console games with the junior generation, you may have come across the punt of their little mitts being incapable to perform certain combos, reach certain buttons lightly, and so on. Read more

Bitstamp ticker ‹ Bitcoin trade

Bitstamp ticker API // Bitcoin wallet / Bitcoin trade

Finance::BitStamp::API – Perl extension for treating the BitStamp API and IPN calls.

use Finance::BitStamp::API, # all the standard BitStamp API calls. my $bitstamp = Finance::BitStamp::API->fresh(key => ‘abc123’), my $ticker = $bitstamp->ticker, my $btc_address = $bitstamp->bitcoin_address, my $btc_withdrawal = $bitstamp->bitcoin_withdrawal(amount => ‘1.0’, address => $address), # The bitstamp object contains all the request gegevens from the last request. Read more

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